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    • Numele tău:Satanistuuu<.>
    • Numele persoanei reclamate:quack
    • Motivul reclamației: Ban degeaba la WG
    • Mai multe detalii:Mia ceurt WG dupa mi am descarcat WG si i am spus ca e gata Wg-ul si dupa mi a dat ban degeaba gen!
    • Dovezi [OBLIGATORIU]:

    Kicked by Console: "You are banned from this server. Check your console"[Silver II] Satanistuuuu<.> : spui ce fac acum?[CSGO Classy] pabloescoba quick scoped Vlad10Kicked :"You are banned from this server. Check your console"Host_EndGame: Server disconne Kicked by                          [Silver II] Satanistuuuu<.> : ce fac acum? vreau sa spun prin chestia asta ca nu mi a raspuns si mi a dat ban degeaba [Silver II] Satanistuuuu<.> : e gata [Silver II] Satanistuuuu<.> : quack si atat!

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